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Everything Beyonce does is careful and thought out. Her entire image is perfection crafted from planning ahead. She does not ‘wing it’ or throw things into her performances and public appearances ‘just because’.

What she did at this award show was amazing, especially because of how intentional and thought out it clearly was.

Feminism is a scary word for a lot of people. Many women are afraid of calling themselves feminist because they think it implies anger, hatred of men, or a rejection of traditional femininity. 

Beyonce presented everyone watching with two distinct images of what many viewers viewed as two very different women. There is the strong, independent FEMINIST. She is the woman who likes being in control and being in the spotlight. Then there is the WIFE and MOTHER. She is soft, sweet, smiling at the husband and child you can tell she loves and values so much.

For every girl watching who was afraid to be a feminist, afraid to be powerful, because of what she thought she would lose, this is an incredible message. You can be all the things you want to be. You can be both. Feminists can have amazing happy, full lives full of both traditional and modern womanhood. 

Feminism means gender should not be a source of persecution or a restriction of your choices. Feminism mean the type of person you should be is based on what you value, not what outside forces pressure you to value because of your gender or biological sex. Shout at the top of your lungs that you are a feminist and proud. Then go and be the exact person that you want to be. 

YES. Beyonce Gave Us SO MUCH LIFE With Her MTV VMA Medley.

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Outside, a sea of big black cameras and upraised iPhones are aimed at the door that she’s about to walk through. After a glance through the windows she wraps her arms around me in a very deliberate hug goodbye. Then she looks me in the eye and says, in a low voice: “Are you ready for a photoshoot? Take my hand.”
More and more, Taylor Swift profiles are starting to sound like the beginnings of lesbian heist movies. (via threelisabeth)

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Guys, I’m fuming. I was reading an article about the newest perversion in the gaming industry (note: Zoe Quinn, you’re my girl) and the fella started reading over my shoulder and saying how inappropriate it was to write an article about the situation. That is was blown out of proportion. He doesn’t get it. I tried to explain it as best I could but I was just too baffled. Guys. What the hell?!

Update: we had a huge (for us) fight about it. But he promised to listen to me once I’ve gathered my thoughts to carefully explain it to him

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Anonymous asked: i have your tumblr in a folder on my RSS feed reader titled "tumbl loves" and in between reading proper articles related to my desk job, i'll tab over and listen to the pretty music you've reblogged or read your lovely quotes and textposts and they absolutely brighten my day. also you said you wanted anons, so i'll be an anon for you. but i'll probably tell you that this was me in a few days, anyway.

Oh my gosh you have no idea how happy your anon has made me :)
My elizabolt blog is so stream of consciousness (unlike my other, themed blogs), I sometimes forget anyone is watching. But I’m happy to have such a receptive audience. Thanks for the smile you’ve put on my face!