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15 Terms for Women from 'The Rogue's Lexicon'


  1. Ace of spades: A widow
  2. Cat: A drunken prostitute; a cross old woman; a muff; a pewter pot
  3. Cherry pipe: A pipe; a full-grown woman
  4. Cows and kisses: Miss, or the ladies
  5. Corinthians: Bad women who move in respectable society
  6. Dimber-mort: Pretty girl; enchanting girl
  7. Ewe: An old woman dressed like a young girl, “An old ewe dressed lamb fashion,” “A while ewe,” a beautiful woman
  8. Fussock: An old fat woman
  9. Gilflirt: A proud, capricious woman
  10. Gooseberry-pudding: Woman
  11. A left-handed wife: A concubine. It was an ancient custom among the germans for a man, if he married his concubine, to give her his left hand, instead of the right
  12. Quail-pipe: A woman’s tongue
  13. Racklaw: A married woman
  14. Star-gazers: Prostitutes; street-walkers
  15. Tabby: An old maid; or a talkative old woman

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